“Bontà di stagione”/”What’s in Season?”

“Bontà di Stagione”/“What’s in Season?” is a lesson included in my Nutrition Education Program for the classroom “Eat Healthy, Grow Strong!”. It’s important for children to learn that fruits and veggies grow naturally and ripen during certain seasons of the year, while in others they’re imported from other countries or grown using greenhouses. Educating childrenContinue reading ““Bontà di stagione”/”What’s in Season?””

World Heart Day 2018

It’s #WorldHeartDay , an opportunity to reflect about our health and to make a promise to live a more heart-healthy life. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are disorders of heart and blood vessels. They include: coronary heart diseases, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease, heart disease and other conditions. CVDs are the number 1 cause of death globally.Continue reading “World Heart Day 2018”

Back to school!!

It’s school time again! Calling all teachers, educators, parents, students! Back to school is upon us! Let’s get ready for a fun, colorful year. Here you can find a useful set of signs, labels and place cards for your classroom featuring a fruit-vegetable theme!! Below you can download the free pdf files. Have a wonderfulContinue reading “Back to school!!”

Fruits and Veggies crossword puzzles

Hello!! I hope you and your kids are enjoying the Summer break!! If you’re looking for some activities to entertain kids and keep their brain active, please download the free crossword and word search puzzles below. They are simple and fun to solve and will encourage children to expand their fruit and vegetable vocabulary, improveContinue reading “Fruits and Veggies crossword puzzles”

Fun activities for kids!!

 Color and Learn  the Alphabet from Arancia to Zucca. Hello everyone. Hope you’re having a great Summer! If you are looking for fun learning activities to keep your kids busy, here you can find some free printable tracing worksheets. They will help children to: Learn the alphabet Practice writing words, in both lower and upperContinue reading “Fun activities for kids!!”

Bilingual version of my eBooks

L’ Alfabeto della Frutta/Fruit Alphabet and L’ Alfabeto della Verdura/Vegetable Alphabet are now available on Amazon. These bilingual books  will help children enrich their vocabulary in Italian and English and get familiar with fruits and vegetables. Studies show that food preferences and eating patterns are established early in life and tend to be carried intoContinue reading “Bilingual version of my eBooks”

L’ estate sta iniziando…

Fra pochi giorni inizia ufficialmente l’ ESTATE, momento di meritato riposo per i bambini, necessario per ricaricare il corpo e la mente dopo tanti mesi trascorsi a studiare fra i banchi di scuola. Finalmente è tempo di vacanza, tempo di giochi sulla spiaggia o a casa con gli amici, di escursioni in montagna, di viaggiContinue reading “L’ estate sta iniziando…”

I miei libri per bambini/ My books for kids

Ho pubblicato su Amazon due libri illustrati, “L’ Alfabeto della Frutta” e “L’ Alfabeto della Verdura”, per insegnare ai bambini l’ ABC e avvicinarli al mondo della frutta e della verdura, in modo colorato e divertente! L’ idea nasce dalla mia esperienza di educatrice alimentare, un lavoro che amo molto perche’ mi permette di unireContinue reading “I miei libri per bambini/ My books for kids”

Never Stop Learning

I’ve been spending some time in NYC and while here I’ve been attending seminars, workshops and events related to food, nutrition and education. As a nutrition educator, I make sure I keep updated with dietary guidelines, nutrition research and teaching strategies. If I want kids to learn how to eat healthy, I need to makeContinue reading “Never Stop Learning”

Happy, Healthy Halloween !!

Halloween is fast approaching, and so a large amount of sugar that kids will be eating between parties and trick-or-treating!! Recent reports show that American children can eat up to 3 cups (almost 400 grams) of sugar on Halloween!! That is almost 16 times the maximum daily recommendation of 6 teaspoons (25 grams) suggested byContinue reading “Happy, Healthy Halloween !!”