Food Industry Consulting


As consumers are becoming more health-conscious, they now prefer foods with simpler and more natural ingredients. To satisfy consumers’ needs, food manufacturers are making shifts in their own products and marketing to stay relevant.

Don’t be afraid of new food trends and changes in nutrition label requirements. Work with me to innovate your company and attract more customers.

Contact me for:

  • Advice for reformulation/formulation of new products. Reviewing and interpreting the latest nutritional science to help the reformulation or development of healthier products (clean label, natural)
  • Recipe and nutrition analysis. Available for food manufacturers, restaurants, personal chefs, cookbook writers among others. I will conduct database nutrient analysis to determine the nutrient content of your food
  • Food and Nutrition label. Results from nutrient analysis will be used to prepare compliant Nutrition Facts Panel, Ingredient Statement and Allergen Declaration
  • Analysis for Health Claims and Nutrient Content Claims. Following the nutritional trends and the approved guidelines, we’ll determine which label claims can be applied to your food
  • Writing nutritional material for in-house or public use. Brochures, articles, websites, education material for production and sales members
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