Happy, Healthy Halloween !!

Halloween is fast approaching, and so a large amount of sugar that kids will be eating between parties and trick-or-treating!!

Recent reports show that American children can eat up to 3 cups (almost 400 grams) of sugar on Halloween!!

That is almost 16 times the maximum daily recommendation of 6 teaspoons (25 grams) suggested by the American Heart Association for kids.

Yes, that’s way too much and it’s a big threat to kids’ health considering that high intake of sugar is linked to cavities, tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer.

Unfortunately, sugar consumption is high not only on October 31. Data show that an average American child eats 95 grams of sugar a day, almost 4 times the daily recommendation.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to prohibit children from enjoying sweet treats on Halloween; it’s more logical to reduce the amount they eat.

If you’re concerned about your children eating too many sweet treats on Halloween, here’s some simple strategies you can adopt to reduce the amount of sugar they consume.

  • Make children eat some healthy, protein-rich snacks or a hearty dinner before going trick-or-treating. It will fill them up and will prevent them from eating all the treats at once
  • Set an amount of candy that your child can have on that night, and save the rest for next days/weeks/months
  • Cut the sugar from the other meals of the day. For example, for breakfast, instead of sugary-cereal, choose plain yogurt or granola bar without added sugar
  • If you throw a party, offer some healthy alternatives to the usual candy bar and cookies plates. Check below.

I collected some colorful, funny ideas for a happy and healthy Halloween from the internet. Prepare these treats with your kids and have fun together!!!

Banana ghosts and orange pumpkins

banana mandariniVery easy to prepare. Peel the bananas, cut them and use some chocolate chips for eyes and mouth. For the orange pumpkins, peel the tangerines or clementines, place a celery stick in the center for the stem.

Pumpkin Veggie Platters

carrotsolivescucumbersSuper easy, healthy and funny/scary veggie tray. Shape a spooky pumpkin face using baby carrots and black olive. The stem can be made from broccoli or a celery stick. Add some sliced cucumbers on the bottom.

Use baby carrots for the face, sliced cucumbers or zucchine for the pumpkin’s smile. Fill small bowls with veggie dip (humus, Greek yogurt) and use them for the pumpkin’s eyes and nose.

Spooky Spider Eggs

halloweeneggsThese eggs are yummy and will fill kids up. You need hard boiled eggs and black olives. Slice eggs in half lengthwise and place yolks in a bowl. Mash the yolk, add some olive oil, few drops of lemon, and stir until well mixed. Then spoon the yolk mixture back into each white egg half. For the spider, place half black olive in the center of the yolk to make the body, and slice the other half to make the legs.

Monster Fruit Cups

monster fruit cupYou don’t need to be a professional painter to make this, just a marker, plastic cups and fruit!! Kids will have lot of fun creating monster faces!!

Almost done. You now need the centerpiece 😉

Pumpkin Centerpiece Fruit Skewers


Don’t even need to carve the pumpkin. Just use a marker to put a smile on it 😉 And lots of fruit skewers of course!!

Have a Happy & Healthy Halloween!!!


Published by Piera Forestieri

Health and Nutrition Advocate, Consultant, and Educator

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