Fruits and Veggies crossword puzzles


I hope you and your kids are enjoying the Summer break!!

If you’re looking for some activities to entertain kids and keep their brain active, please download the free crossword and word search puzzles below.

They are simple and fun to solve and will encourage children to expand their fruit and vegetable vocabulary, improve spelling and concentration, enhance visual acuity, and, most importantly, they’re fun and entertaining!

You can also download some coloring pages that kids can use to learn colors in English and Italian.

Enjoy last few days of Summer break and don’t forget to check my eBooks on Amazon↓

“L’ Alfabeto della Frutta/Fruit Alphabet”

“L’ Alfabeto della Verdura/Vegetable Alphabet”


Salve a tutti. Spero stiate trascorrendo delle belle vacanze estive con i vostri bimbi.

Potete scaricare gratis delle divertenti attivita’ per tenere allenata la mente dei vostri bambini. In particolare, troverete cruciverba in inglese e italiano-inglese, ma anche pagine da colorare per i piu’ piccoli. Buon divertimento.

Buon divertimento e godetevi le ultime settimane di vacanza!!

Vi ricordo che potete trovare i miei ebook qui ↓

“L’ Alfabeto della Frutta/Fruit Alphabet”

“L’ Alfabeto della Verdura/Vegetable Alphabet”


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Health and Nutrition Advocate, Consultant, and Educator

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