“Bontà di stagione”/”What’s in Season?”

“Bontà di Stagione”/“What’s in Season?” is a lesson included in my Nutrition Education Program for the classroom “Eat Healthy, Grow Strong!”. It’s important for children to learn that fruits and veggies grow naturally and ripen during certain seasons of the year, while in others they’re imported from other countries or grown using greenhouses. Educating childrenContinue reading ““Bontà di stagione”/”What’s in Season?””

Late Summer Harvest

I’ve been spending some time with my family in my hometown in Calabria, a region in Southern Italy. A few weeks ago I went with my brother to pick some veggies from the family garden near our house. Although it was October, it was warm so we still had zucchini, eggplants, peppers, chili peppers, watermelonsContinue reading “Late Summer Harvest”

#EarthDay 2016

Today, April 22, is Earth Day, a day that marks the anniversary of the first environmental movement in 1970. We celebrate our beautiful, generous and precious Mother Earth that loves us even though we’re destroying it. Indeed, so many studies are telling us and showing how we have been harming our planet. We all, orContinue reading “#EarthDay 2016”