Food Revolution Day 2016

It’s Food Revolution Day, a day to celebrate good food, nutrition, health, and to invite people to join the revolution.


I’m a big fan of this event, also because it reminds me of the reason why I decided to pursue a career in the field of nutrition and health promotion.

I was living in New York when Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution aired on tv. Learning how kids were fed in school, how little people knew about the link between food and chronic diseases, seeing children not recognizing the different veggies, and other kids crying because they didn’t want to get diabetes like their relatives…It was very touching.

Living in New York, I could see by myself that many people, especially children, were overweight or obese. I could see that the most popular areas of the supermarket were the pastries, frozen food, snack and drink aisles. But after watching Jamie Oliver’s tv show I started to pay more attention to what I was surrounded by. I started to read articles and books about nutrition, I engaged in conversations about food and how it affects our health. It was very inspirational and made me realize that I was more interested in helping people to prevent diseases, rather than selling drugs to cure them. So I decided to go back to school and enhance my knowledge in nutrition and health with a clear goal in mind:  help people to embrace a healthy lifestyle!!!

Being a “revolutionary” is part of my mission. I love Food Revolution day and I am proud to be part of a community of people who promote and advocate for access to fresh and healthy food, for nutrition education and healthy meals in school, and think that is important to teach people how to cook and assemble a healthy meal.

Right now, 41 million children under 5 are overweight, while another 159 million are too undernourished to grow properly. It’s time to get together and do something to fight obesity and undernutrition!!

Are you ready to take a stand and be a Revolutionary? Please sign up and share by using the links below.

You can also join the omelette challenge. Yes, you read it right. This year, Jamie Oliver launched The Food Revolution International Omelette Challenge. Prepare an omelette, your own style, take a picture and share it on any of the #FoodRevolution platform. I prepared a traditional Italian frittata with zucchini. You can find the recipe here.

Happy Food Revolution day everyone!!


Published by Piera Forestieri

Health and Nutrition Advocate, Consultant, and Educator

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