Pasta con piselli e fave

Springtime reminds me of my grandmother sitting on the stairs outside the house, shelling fresh fava beans and peas in her apron. While I always loved the latter, I’ve never been a huge fan of the fava beans, and haven’t eaten them for long time. Then Sunday I went to pick some fresh legumes atContinue reading “Pasta con piselli e fave”

MeatlessMonday Recipe

Today, for #MeatlessMonday, I’d like to share an easy pasta recipe. Penne with asparagus, peas and mushrooms   Yealds: 2 Servings        Total Time: 30 minutes (10’ Preparation, 20’ cooking) Nutrition per serving:     Kcal 384    Carbs 66.5g        Fat 8.9g/ Sat Fat          Protein 16g   Ingredients: 100g thin asparagus (3.5 oz. or a bunch of 15-20) 100gContinue reading “MeatlessMonday Recipe”