My favorite part of my job is teaching kids about nutrition and health!! It gives me the opportunity to use my background in science and nutrition and my passion for teaching!

I actually decided to study Nutrition and Health in order to be able to understand better the link between food and chronic diseases, and to be able to teach young kids the importance of eating healthy.

Changing habits can be a real challenge for adults, especially in regard to food and health. If we teach kids that eating vegetables and fruits make them strong and healthy since they’re young, they’ll carry this food pattern into adulthood. And, as studies suggest, they’ll influence their parents’ habits too.

Kids are curious, they soak up information like a sponge. They ask questions, are willing to learn and try new things. I love interacting with them. Every time I leave a classroom I feel blessed and inspired by their enthusiasm and interest.

Below there’s a picture of one of my recent lessons to 1st and 2nd graders of an elementary school in Calabria, in Southern Italy. We had lot of fun learning about food groups and Mediterranean Diet. Can’t wait to start another project.